We are a small design studio exploring story and art.

story / art

"Maybe what we need is the feral howl and transformative power of poetry."

— Arundahti Roy


"Designers must move from designing things to designing systems."

— Paul Saffo


"Be a thermostat... shape the climate of opinion. A thermometer just reflects it."

— Cornell West


mascot films

D.E.B.T. is an original art documentary telling the inception, demise and opportunity in the student debt crisis.


mascot press

Our in-house press publishes books, graphic novels and other sequential works from original voices.  


mascot foundry

Out of a growing need for our own work, we set out to make a hand drawn fonts that don't suck. 


studio mascot

Clients include Salesforce, Intercom and Onehq.

Please contact us to view our portfolio.

Paul du Coudray • Creative Director
208 Paseo del Pueblo Sur #202
Taos NM 87571 • 575 513 7770

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.
— Buckminster Fuller